Spuhr R-410: G3 Stock Assembly




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Product Description

Article number: R-410
6-position stock assembly with replaceable cheek piece allowing for different sight solutions.

Remove factory stock from metal back plate and attach our stock adapter using the factory fasteners and the included washer or buffer collet (depending on buffer assembly).

Will fit HK G3, MP5, HK33, and HK53 provided the firearm has a metal back plate.

Weight: 385 g / 13.6 oz
Length*: 180-260 mm / 7.09″-10.24″

Note: Stock pictured has Swedish Armed Forces markings. The commercial model does not have military markings. 

* Measured from rear of back plate
Can use cheek riser R-422 (12mm) or R-423 (8mm)


  • Weight: 2 lb
  • Width: 9 in
  • Depth: 9 in
  • Height: 9 in
  • Spuhr Accessories: Heckler & Koch

3 reviews

A terrific, as well as overpriced, product

Posted by Rich in WY on April 19, 2018

It was my decision to purchase this stock, so I can’t complain too much about the price. It is very well made; far superior to any AR-style G3 stock on the market that I’ve come across. My reason for purchasing it is that I have a long-barrel G3 that desperately needs a heavy buffer due to the increased pressure from the increased barrel length. I have a Mapgpul PRS-2, but you can’t install a heavy buffer unless you alter that stock in a way that significantly weakens the main point of attachment: the large buffer screw. This screw attaches from the rear of the stock neck on a circular shelf, and it screws into the rear of the buffer. To make room for the heavy buffer, you have to remove the shelf and widen the channel, and this leaves the rifle’s metal stock cap attached with only two skinny cap screws, one of which self-threads directly into the polymer. The Spuhr stock allows use of the heavy buffer, and entire stock tube is held together by the two cap screws AND the large buffer screw (it seats and holds tight via a large washer that bottoms out on a shelf in the rear of the buffer tube). Everything is assembled the same way that a normal G3 stock is assembled with regards to the fasteners. For my purposes, the only drawback, besides the price, is that the stock is VERY lightweight, so my heavy barrel really wants to tip forward. I’ll probably look into a weighted insert for the stock tube to create a little more balance. I doubt that the issue of balance would be a problem for a rifle with a standard barrel.

I have optics on this rifle with high rings, and the standard cheek rest that comes with the stock is perfectly adequate. I purchased a 12mm riser extra, and I know I’ll never use it. Bummer, as it cost over $30.

The buttstock is made of plastic, the stock adapter piece is made of plastic with threaded brass inserts, and the tube is aluminum.

It’s expensive, but it’s far cheaper than a PSG-1 or MSG-90 stock. It’s adjustable for height and length, and allows use of the heavy buffer. It does fill a niche. The only reason for 4 stars is the price.

Spuhr R-410 G3 Stock

Posted by Anonymous on March 15, 2018

Excellent quality and fit-up.

Spuhr R-410 G3 Stock Assembly

Posted by James M Barko on October 5, 2017

Great stock for my rifle ( PTR-91) easy to attach, and easy to use