Accuracy International Armorer’s Course (LE Only)

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Accuracy International Armorer’s Course (LE Only)


Certified Accuracy International Instructor
Adam Rehor of Mile High Shooting Accessories

$250.00 per person
Limit of 10 people per class
Includes 2yr Certification Certificate

AI Rifle
Tool Kit
Small Hammer
Metric Allen Key Set (1.5 – 6mm)
Parts Tray
Punch Set
Bench Block
Tools For Scope and Base Removal
Cleaning Supplies: Q-tips, rags, oil, brake clean, gun scrubber

Scopes will be removed from Rifles and will require
confirmation of zero after class

Mile High Shooting Accessories
@ 303-255-9999 or email us at
For more information regarding the class and

*Open to Law Enforcement and Military Only*



AE: MK1, MK2, MK3 AW: 308, 300, 338, 50BMG AT: 308

AX pre-2014: 308, 338, 50BMG

AXMC post -2014: 308, 300, 338, 50BMG

Accuracy International

Serial Numbers & Proof Marks
Safety Mechanism & Function
In-Field Safety Check
Head Space Gauging

Stripping & Reassembly

Bolt Assembly
Stripping & Reassembly
Removal & Refitting Of The Firing Pin & Shroud
Stripping The Firing Pin Form Shroud
Shroud Assembly – Stripping & Reassembly
Checking Firing Pin Protrusion
Adjustment of Firing Pin Protrusion
Checking Safety Drawback
Safety Mechanism Field Check
Extractor Removal & Refitting

Barrel Removal & Replacement
Standard Barrel
Headspace Dimension Check
Muzzle Brake Removal & Refitting

Action Assembly
Stripping & Reassembly
Bolt Catch Removal & Refitting

Trigger Assembly
Stripping & Reassembly
Trigger Box- Removal & Refitting
Trigger Box – Stripping & Reassembly (As Req)
Trigger Setting
Lubrication & Checking The Trigger Weight

Stripping & Reassembly
Bipod Mounting
Magazine Catch

Butt Assembly, Cheek Piece, Adjustable Butt Spike
Stripping & Reassembly

Folding Chassis
Male & Female Catches

Maintenance & Cleaning Procedure



  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Width: 1 in
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Height: 1 in
  • Course Level: Civilian Basic
  • PaypalRestrict: PaypalRestrict

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