Optics Course


This course covers in detail why some scopes cost $5000 and why others cost $500, “good glass” being an inadequate explanation. Every scope has unique characteristics and this course is focused on ensuring each student leaves with a clear understanding of what type of optic best fits his or her needs. Instruction covers basic topics like Mils vs. MOA and first- vs. second focal plane reticles. Topics include detailed explanation of how a scope works, proper mounting, wandering zeros, scope tracking and reticle selection. This is a great course for any serious LR shooter but is geared to expand the knowledge of military and LE snipers/sniper instructors.


please contact le.mil@milehighshooting.com if you’re interested in customizing this course for your unit or department, or see our schedule page for our open courses.



Your own scope.

The course will require students to be on the range at dawn and dusk to capitalize on the appropriate lightning conditions. There will be breaks in the middle of the day to compensate for the training day’s early start and late stop.

Equipment/Ammo can be purchased through Mile High Shooting


Subject Matter

This course covers importance of proper scope mounting, wandering zeros (why they occur, and how to eliminate them.), scope tracking (why some do, why some don’t), objective lens diameter (with practical exercise), relevant scope features, where to spend and where to save your money,  reticle selection, importance of eye relief threshold and exit pupil and how they can be made to work for you, selecting appropriate mount bases (0, 20, 30, or 40 MOA) for given application and why more is not better, why snipers (LE and military) should never buy scopes costing less that $2,000, and an analysis of select top-tier scopes.