MHTD can train at your location or at one of our training sites located in North Carolina or multiple training locations in the Rocky Mountain region. All of our western locations offer the challenge of shooting at altitude combined with high winds and extended ranges 1600M to beyond 2000M. The Wyoming and Arizona sites also provide an opportunity for angled shooting. The North Carolina training site is located near Ft Bragg and has training apparatuses to be utilized. Vehicles, rooftops and a variety of barricades. MHTD can also provide moving target training with a mobile target system.


There will be occasional civilian courses for long-range marksmanship. These courses will be two to three days long, not including travel time. Courses will cover subjects that enable the shooter to make successful extended range engagements to include rifle set up, ballistics, estimating wind and body position. For a list of open enrollment classes, please see our schedule page.


Mile High Detachment has a wide array of experience that allows your department or agency to choose what training is important for your area and specialty. We will customize training to meet your department or unit’s needs. Please contact le.mil@milehighshooting.com for more information, or to set up a class. See below for examples of classes we have offered.