Basic Precision Rifle


This is a basic precision rifle course designed for new shooters. It is custom tailored to the shooter as necessary. This course is taught by Frank Galli. He is the owner of Sniper’s Hide, USMC Scout Sniper, and former Rifles Only Adjunct Instructor. With a 12-year history of precision rifle instruction from Alaska to Argentina he remains current with all things long range shooting.


please contact if you’re interested in customizing this course for your unit or department. For open enrollment courses, please check out our schedule page.



You will need a Precision Rifle in good working order chambered in 6mm to 338 (.338 is an advanced caliber not recommended for new shooters). You will also need a tactical scope (At least 10X Match Grade) appropriate for the task,  a minimum of 200 rounds a day of ammunition, a sling, a bipod, a databook,  hearing and eye protection,  water to drink, and appropriate clothing for the Colorado climate. It is recommended to bring a Ballistic Solver, a Tripod with a Hog / Pig Saddle Equivalent, and food. We will be taking 1 hour Lunch breaks.

Equipment/Ammo can be purchased through Mile High Shooting


Powerpoint ( Half Day)

This four hour presentation covers the fundamentals of marksmanship, setting up the rifle, the prone position, recoil management, first and second focal plane scope discussion, units of adjustments (Mils, MOA, IPHY),  intro to exterior ballistic basics, wind basics, gathering dope, ballistic computer basics, record keeping – databooks, and range safety.

On The Range (2.5 Days)

We will cover and practice adjusting the shooter’s fundamentals of marksmanship, recoil management techniques, zeroing, chronographing, gathering dope, using a databook, adjusting ballistic software, engaging targets from 100 to 1000 + yards, using the reticle to engage targets, believe the bullet, intro into alternate position (using a tripod), and intro to sling shooting.

Course will take place in Fort Morgan, CO