This is a comprehensive armorer’s maintenance course for accuracy international rifles taught by our certified AI instructor, Adam Rehor. This course includes a certification certificate upon completion.


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You will need an Accuracy International Sniper Rifle*, tool kit, small hammer, metric allen key set 1.5-6mm), parts tray, punch set, bench block, tools for scope and base removal, and cleaning supplies. (Q-tips, rags, oil, brake clean, gun scrubber).

Scopes will be removed from rifles and will require confirmation of zero after class.

Equipment/Ammo can be purchased through Mile High Shooting

*Approved AI Rifle List

  • AE: MK1, MK2, MK3.
  • AW: 308, 300, 338, 50BMG
  • AT: 308
  • AX pre-2014: 308, 338, 50BMG
  • AX post-2014: 308, 300, 338, 50BMG

What We Cover

Serial Number & Proof Marks
Safety Mechanism & Function
In-Field Safety Check
Head Space Gauging

Stripping & Reassembly

Bolt Assembly
Disassembly & Reassembly
Removal & Refitting Of The Firing Pin & Shroud
Stripping The Firing Pin From The Shroud
Disassembly & Reassembly – Shroud Assembly
Checking Firing Pin Protrusion
Adjustment of Firing Pen Protrusion
Checking Safety Drawback
Safety Mechanism Field Check
Extractor Removal & Refitting

Barrel Removal & Replacement
Standard Barrel
Headspace Dimension Check
Muzzle Brake Removal & Refitting

Action Assembly
Stripping & Reassembly
Bolt Catch Removal & Refitting

Trigger Assembly
Stripping & Reassembly
Trigger Box – Removal & Refitting
Trigger Box – Stripping & Reassembly (as required)
Trigger Setting
Lubrication & Checking The Trigger Weight

Stripping & Reassembly
Bipod Mounting
Magazine Catch

Butt Assembly, Cheek Piece, Adjustable Butt Spike
Stripping & Reassembly

Folding Chassis
Male & Female Catches